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September 27, 2020 A Heart For Change I wonder what might have been if we had only had eyes for Jesus; if we had spent more time with Him and in His Word. I am asking God in my latter years to restore unto me what the 0
September 20, 2020 Build the Wall 0
September 13, 2020 Going Back Home Just as the church was scattered in the books of Acts, it is scattered today by COVID 19. I believe we have had the same opportunity and the church has grown. But I also believe we are entering a new 0
September 6, 2020 God Has A Plan You may feel hopeless because of your condition. You may be like Ruth and have lost everything that has meaning in your life. But can I tell you this morning, God sees you; He knows you; He has a Boaz 0
August 29, 2020 The Two Pandemics These days we are faced with more than just a physical pandemic. All around us we see hate and fear in all its forms take shape and it’s easy to wonder just how we’re supposed fight against such evil. Join 0
August 23, 2020 What Might Have Been There is good news in this story. If we repent, God will accomplish His purpose in our lives. It may come at great cost, but the end will be worth it.   If you need to contact us for prayer 0
August 15, 2020 The Nobody Who Saved Everybody Many people search for significance in life. They wonder if they will ever be able to make a difference in the world. It is exactly these people who God has destined to be a “difference maker”. That includes you!   0
August 9, 2020 Cheaters Never Win Part 3 – The Last Chapter Hasn’t Been Written Part 4 Jesus specializes in life change. He makes all things new. We are seeing this in the life of Jacob. If you need to contact us for prayer or any other needs, please email, call, or text us. We’d be happy 0
August 2, 2020 Cheaters Never Win Part 2 God brings every man to a crisis point in his life where he must decide who he will worship: himself or God. We see both manifested in the man, Jacob. If you need to contact us for prayer or any other 0
July 26, 2020 Cheaters Never Win Nobody likes a cheater. If you take shortcuts to winning, you will do it in every area of life. You skew the outcome to your advantage; You cannot be trusted. Jacob was such a man. If you need to contact 0