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The Wisdom of Job: God is Silent

WE Maybe you have had a similar experience or are going through one right now. It can be excruciating. You are willing, but do not know “the what”, “the when”, or “the where”. Perhaps the most troubling of all the questions is ‘the why”. Today let’s talk about some wise things to do when God is not talking.

GOD We have been talking about wisdom for the past several weeks. Last week we started looking at wisdom from Job, a book about suffering and the sovereignty of God. Job had lost his family, his possessions, his health, and his wife was not much help. He was isolated because of his sickness and God was not talking. He was nowhere to be found. In fact, God doesn’t speak to Job until chapter 38! How did Job respond? What can we learn from what he did or didn’t do.

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Feb 2, 2020 The Wisdom of Job: God is Silent Listen Download