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Right now the church is scattered. Not just our church, but virtually every church in this country is meeting virtually, not in person. Although all of us are looking forward to the time when we can worship together again, we cannot miss this opportunity to touch people’s lives in new and exciting ways.

“Freedom” – Ashley Hon
“What does freedom look like in your life? Is it having the choice where you’ll go and what you’ll do each day? Is it the right to discuss what you believe and to practice your religion? What does freedom look like in my life? I find freedom in the everyday choices I have of what I’ll wear, what I’ll eat, and where I’ll go. I find freedom in the ability to practice my beliefs. I find freedom in the arms of Jesus; He died for me so I could live a life free from the bondage with which sin tries to enslave us. I find freedom in the safety of my home and my country. I find freedom in knowing brave men and women willingly fight so I can have all these freedoms and for that I am so thankful. Thank you to all our military; without you we wouldn’t be free. We honor your service and thank you for your sacrifice. We are truly grateful that you serve us so selflessly.”

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