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Apr 22, 2018 The Crowd and The Crew Get ready for another great service by our young Pastor Chris Tapia. Are we part of the Crowd or the Crew. Listen to what God wants from us as a church and individuals. Listen Download
Apr 15, 2018 DOING THE STUFF-Connecting to God’s promised power for our lives THEME OF MESSAGE Last week I gave y’all some instructions about overcoming stress. One of them was to access God’s power by faith, just like Jesus did. The only problem is, I didn’t teach you how! Today I want to Listen Download
Apr 8, 2018 Choking the Life Out of Stress LOOK AT FIVE THINGS JESUS DID TO DEAL WITH STRESS. 1. Jesus got away from the crowd. 2. Jesus took a nap. 3. Jesus addressed the problem. 4. Jesus accessed God’s power by faith. 5. Jesus encouraged others to do Listen Download
Apr 1, 2018 April Fools CONNECT What was the best April Fool joke you ever experienced? The best one you ever pulled on someone else? TENSION There are many today that would say that the Resurrection is the cruelest April Fool joke ever. Only a Listen Download
Mar 25, 2018 The Weeping Jesus My question: Is Jesus weeping over us today? INSPIRATION John Wimber… Are we breaking God’s heart? Are we understanding the work of God in our life? Or are we only wanting His acts but not His ways. After His entered Listen Download
Mar 18, 2018 Three Foundational keys to a Miraculous life The Bible says that we have been given the keys to the kingdom. As you listen to the Word of God, try to apply these keys in your daily life. Listen Download
Mar 11, 2018 Laodicea: The Lukewarm Church What’s our temperature for God? Are we hot or cold? Listen to Chris Tapia where the church stands and what we can do for our temperature to rise for God.Powerful message. You will be blessed. Listen Download
Mar 4, 2018 Philadelphia: The Faithful Church The church at Philadelphia was one of two churches that did not receive a rebuke, but was commended for being faithful. The key to their faithfulness was that they knew their strength came from God and they were obedient to Listen Download
Feb 25, 2018 The Dead Church: Sardis The Lord gives us the “Key of Life” so that we can can enjoy life now and for all eternity! 1. Wake up! There are some things dying around you. There are things I want you to do that are Listen Download
Feb 18, 2018 The Church At Thyatira Part 2 Tension: Can we stay intact when crisis comes? Solution: We need to make sure we build a life of structural integrity, so we can survive and thrive in time of crisis. Listen Download