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Jun 16, 2019 Time To Stand Powerful message by Eric Hinson. As you listen to the Word of God, let it sink into your heart. Be prepare to be Refresh…Rebuild…and Restore. Listen Download
Jun 9, 2019 God In Pursue Please welcome and listen to Addie Hon about his testimony on what God has done in his life. Listen Download
Jun 2, 2019 The Rhythm Of Life TENSION We have all faced circumstances where we didn’t know what to do or how to deal with a problem or opportunity. SOLUTION This summer I want to talk about how we can make wise decisions in every situation we Listen Download
May 26, 2019 Plays of My Life TENSION All of us have a “Plays of My Life” list. I’m not talking about sports, but the events that have shaped our life. Some of the events are good memories; others are painful. Either way, they are memorialized in Listen Download
May 12, 2019 Don’t Give Up A Mother’s Day message. Second Best is God’s first choice in your life. don’t give up, don’t quit, persevere. He’s looking out for you, he sees you, he’s getting ready to bless you…if you just don’t give up. Listen Download
May 5, 2019 UFC-Ultimate Faith Challenge TENSION The game of life is changing around us today. Some of the changes may be for the better; but many are not. People have decided that the things the Bible teaches are outmoded and irrelevant. What the church believed Listen Download
Apr 28, 2019 Three Big Questions TENSION We all have things that we need to change. Salvation and forgiveness is a settled issue, but sanctification, or character development, is greatly needed. If we are to fulfill our potential we must change things deep in our soul. Listen Download
Apr 21, 2019 Easter Sunday 2019 The Great Exchange: Jesus took our sin and gave us His righteousness; He took our poverty and gave us His riches; He took our guilt and gave us His forgiveness; He took our judgement and gave us His justification; He Listen Download
Apr 14, 2019 Don’t Loose Hope, It’s not over The resurrection of Lazarus teaches us that Jesus is with us even the moments when we think all hope is lost. He always has a plan, regardless of how the situation looks. disclaimer: We don’t own the rights to the Listen Download
Apr 7, 2019 SEE LIKE A BLIND MAN Have you ever felt life was hopeless? That life would never change? You were born a certain way and that is your “lot in life”? I have good news this morning. Jesus is passing by! Listen Download