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Nov 19, 2017 Let’s Get Stoned CONNECT I love the water: lakes, ocean, pools, rivers, especially ‘lazy rivers’! Sometimes rivers have stones… TENSION Our lives are like rivers that have all kinds of stones in them… SOLUTION Use the stones in the river of our lives Listen Download
Nov 12, 2017 When God Shows Up Today was a special day. God took over the service and His people obeyed. The presence of God was eminent. There was no service other than worshipers praying for each other and uplifting His name. Listen Download
Nov 5, 2017 GOT ANY RIVERS? TENSION We all have rivers we encounter that threaten to halt our progress or kill us altogether. This is true individually and corporately. Israel was camped on the banks of the Jordan River, and it was at flood stage from Listen Download
Oct 29, 2017 Special Message from Pastor Matthews Chacko Special message from Pastor Matthews Chacko from India. He shared the awesome works the Lord has done at Bethany Academy.Please listen to his candid massage and let the Lord touch you. Listen Download
Oct 22, 2017 Getting Traction Part Two CONNECT The four tests of truth… The question I hear the most often is, “Why am I here?” This is one of those heart questions that everyone asks; they want to know their purpose! TENSION How do I get traction Listen Download
Oct 15, 2017 Getting Traction TENSION Some of you may feel like you are stuck or spinning your wheels. How do we get going again? How do we get enough traction to move on into what God has destined for us? How do we move Listen Download
Oct 8, 2017 RF Volunteers Vision 2017 Galen Woodward, senior pastor of Copper Pointe Church in Alburquerque New Mexico shared another great Word from God about helping grow the church. His main statement is ” You never change the Message, you can chance the messenger, you can Listen Download
Oct 8, 2017 You Can Not Kill A Dream Galen Woodward, Senior Pastor of Copper Point Church in Alburquerque New Mexico will share what God has in store for churches with the dream and the vision to grow. You don’t want to miss hearing this message. Perfectly titled “You Listen Download
Oct 1, 2017 DRIFT We all want to get to the dream that is Restoration Fellowship. Some of our older generation will get there; some will not. Whether we get there is up to a new generation. We are not alone in this. Across Listen Download
Sep 24, 2017 It’s Just a Test (We) The journey from where we were to where we want to go has a big gate at the end of it labeled “FEAR”! If we let fear rule us, we will miss out on the bold blessings that God Listen Download