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Dec 9, 2018 The Gift of Peace Let me ask you a question. Do you ever see God as worried or fretful? Sometimes when talking to families in the midst of crisis, I will make the observation that God didn’t get up this morning wringing His hands Listen Download
Dec 2, 2018 The Gift Of Hope TENSION You may feel your world today is like ancient Israel. You may feel oppressed by something out of your control. Your economic future is uncertain. You may feel enslaved by something or immorality is making your life miserable. You Listen Download
Nov 25, 2018 Keep The Joy Going It is usually about the fundamentals… Football: blocking and tackling… Baseball: run, hit, throw… Music: the best compositions and arrangements are ineffective if the instruments and voices are out of tune… What are some fundamentals that can keep the joy Listen Download
Nov 18, 2018 Things That Steal Your Joy “The enemy will send attacks both outside and inside. Outside attacks are usually out of our control. We have more control over the inner battle. We have to understand that how we react to a situation is often more important Listen Download
Nov 11, 2018 Joy Unspeakable During this series I want to explore several things: 1. The difference between joy and happiness; 2. Things that steal your joy, joy suckers; 3. How to get your joy back and live in it; 4. The results of a Listen Download
Nov 4, 2018 Children’s Ministry 2017 Vision Please allow Pastor Sip Serrano share his vision for the children. Listen Download
Oct 28, 2018 Lower Your Expectations of Others, And Raise Your expectations of God Lower your expectations of others, and raise your expectations of God. He will meet us every time as we devote ourselves to prayer, scripture, communion, and fellowship. Listen Download
Oct 21, 2018 Impacting Generations Listen to the Word of God as pastor Alba Wilcox shares what’s on her heart for the new generation of young christians. Listen Download
Oct 14, 2018 You Are Good Enough YOU: Why should God use me when I don’t measure up? And if your memory of all your failures may fade, the enemy is always there to remind you! GOD: Today I want to declare to you on the authority Listen Download
Oct 7, 2018 Get The Seed Out Of The Barn During the month of October, we take time to talk about where we are going. You will hear from all the members of our staff as we give you a pic of where we believe God is taking us. We Listen Download