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Dec 22, 2019 The Parable of the Householder WE Perhaps we have all had similar experiences. The truth is that we all have a lack of understanding about the critical issues of our life. We have never been quite able to “put 2 and 2 together” and see Listen Download
Dec 15, 2019 Parable of the Dragnet We’ve been learning about the kingdom of God in these parables, in the gospel of Matthew 13. They are basically easy to understand. You think about the analogies that He uses and try to see the big picture that jesus Listen Download
Dec 8, 2019 Hidden Treasures Obviously our spiritual life and values are the most important things to Him. How do we find wealth and treasure in this world that is so full of confusion and hatred? How do we find a treasure greater than the Listen Download
Dec 1, 2019 Leaven and Light Let the message of Pastor Eddie Hon touch your lives. Listen to this powerful message. Listen Download
Nov 24, 2019 The Mustard Seed Everyone knows that seeds are smaller than the plant they produce. A single seed can produce a huge harvest. God wants to use you! You are the mustard seed. He wants to plant you in the world and bring the Kingdom Listen Download
Nov 17, 2019 What’s Growing On? Wheat or Weeds-Jesus teaching on the parable of the weeds. Listen Download
Nov 10, 2019 SOW WHAT? When we leave our house our job that day is to share the Gospel. We can go about making a living, but our purpose is to tell others about Jesus. This is your town; this is your neighborhood; this is Listen Download
Oct 27, 2019 A kingdom of Repentance As we saw last week, we have been given the keys to the Kingdom of God. This is the first key: repentance. If we want to live in the Kingdom of God, we must live a repentant life! Listen Download
Oct 20, 2019 Kingdom War God created a stage where the power of His Kingdom would be put on display and solve the solve angelic conflict… But Adam fell and gave away his dominion. Jesus came to reclaim everything He lost in Adam and restore Listen Download
Oct 13, 2019 17th Anniversary Service I have no doubt that God purposed Restoration Fellowship. A firm conviction I could not ignore… A huge need: unchurched people… A miraculous provision… Listen Download