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Aug 18, 2019 You Are What You Eat Part 5: Perseverance Have you ever wanted to cut and run from something? Quit? Give up? The Bible is full of encouragement to stand fast and wait on God. Check out part 5 of this insightful series. Listen Download
Aug 11, 2019 You Are What You Eat Part 4: Self Control How many of you have had to deal with your emotions this past week since the shooting? Most people deal with what I call soul issues. My counseling sessions and discipleship conversations many times deal with rejection, fear, worry, and Listen Download
Aug 4, 2019 There is a God In light of current events, I want to forego our current series to speak a word of comfort and encouragement to you today… Shooting yesterday in El Paso; shooting last night in Dayton Ohio; multiple shootings the past weeks… Many Listen Download
Jul 28, 2019 You Are What You Eat Part 3 Knowledge TENSION All of our lives have been affected by the things we do not know. Ignorance is not bliss! We can’t be like Sgt. Schultz from the old TV show, Hogan’s Heroes, who went around saying “I know nothing; I Listen Download
Jul 21, 2019 You Are What You Eat Part 2 Virtue TENSION Everything in our life has a source. We may be looking for a harvest but instead we get rocks and weeds and rattlesnakes! SOLUTION We need to do life from the right sources. You are what you eat. Jesus Listen Download
Jul 14, 2019 You Are What You Eat Part 1 TENSION Many people today are frustrated with their Christian life, or rather, their ability to live the Christian life. SOLUTION Today I want to talk about the main reason for spiritual frustration and some things that can remedy the situation. Listen Download
Jun 30, 2019 What Are You Feeding? TENSION Many of us are feeding a cute little animal in our heart that will one day become a raging beast that will control us and could destroy us! SOLUTION We need to be feeding our spirits and not our Listen Download
Jun 23, 2019 A Battle I Can Win Sometimes there is an elephant in the room with us. There is something we struggle with. We all struggle; we all have areas where we fight. That area may be different for each of us. Today, I want to talk Listen Download
Jun 16, 2019 Time To Stand Powerful message by Eric Hinson. As you listen to the Word of God, let it sink into your heart. Be prepare to be Refresh…Rebuild…and Restore. Listen Download
Jun 9, 2019 God In Pursue Please welcome and listen to Addie Hon about his testimony on what God has done in his life. Listen Download